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I inherited a solar water heater from a previous Chinese owner. The solar water heater has some trouble now. Its within the 3 year warranty. Company name on the heater is Sunfire located in Capitol Heights (, Maryland. When I call the company, first thing they say is that they never sold solar heater to an english speaking person!!

I told them the situation and they asked me to call the technician who installed the product since he took the money when the product was installed. The technician says that he trained the other folks and he is no longer a partner. Basically, I am getting a run around.

So I asked the current company which is Solar Supplies International Inc to come and fix the issue. They are asking for $250/ for the gas and work even though the product is under warranty.

Not to mention the need to explain the issue 10 times since they hardly speak english.

I thought of doing the work myself and find out that the assistant tank is having some issue with the valve. So I get the piece out and go look for one in Home Depot and other local plumbing companies.

No one carries such part.

Only place you can find them on internet is to be shipped from China.

Basically, the solar water heaters are shipped from China and these small businesses install them with random warranty and will not guarantee the work.

You are stuck with this $10,000 elephant that is expensive to maintain compared to cost reduction you get from it.

I am still in search for the part and a decent reason why they have an assistant tank first place.

But in my opinion, dont buy these made in china solar water heaters.

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Resolved the issue is good.From 2007, I installed Sunfire solar water heater.

It is efficient to give over 95% hot water I need and it is qualified for 30% of cost tax credit, you can find information from the 5695 tax form.

It is helpful for us go green.


I went to home depot and found a rubber piece. Carved it in the shape of the part that was broken and replaced it. The issue is resolved for now.

to rushabh21 #836396

I installed Sunfire solar water heater from 2007, it is efficient solar water heater.We are 5 family and save around $100.00/M, I hope you like it.

Sunfire solar supplies international did installation for us, they take care us, do not "random warranty and will not guarantee the work" .

We go green, we do right thing for green energy company and for everybody.

Thanks for you reply.From, we can see a lot of sunfire solar projects.

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Hi, 546a95f

From, you can find many Sunfire solar supplies customers installed sunfire solar water heaters, solar air heaters, solar attic fans and other solar projects.We service solar products over 10 years in USA.

We are "small businesses install them" but never "with random warranty and will not guarantee the work." If so, many our customers must support your opinion.

We did not installed your solar water heater and you can find the information from your solar water installing contract.

The sunfire solar water heater is very efficient solar water heaters, if fully using, it can save over $100/M.Hope you can solve problem soon and use it to save money soon.

good luck!



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You have to check your invoice to see the installation company, they are not Sunfire Solar Supplies.Your solar water heater installed by Sunfire Solar Energy which located in Rockvolle MD.

Your problem is that your previous Chinese owner order from Sunfire Solar Energy but you ask Sunfire Solar Supplies to do the warrant woke.

You know that many company sale "Sunfire solar water heater".

hope help


to Meiyunfeng #836153

I know I reached the correct folks for the issue.


You do not paid to the current company, you take too much time to save $250, is it good for you?

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